mercoledì 7 settembre 2016

Good evening girls, here I am with another post to update you on what I did this time, I made another bag, another video that you will soon find on line and below this post, this bag  I have to say I find it really nice,  I called it "tart knitted" because of the diamond shapes that reminds a little 'tarts, and the first one I did remember a little' a tart ... definitely this point will have a name, for now I have given this then if you reading this post, you can think of a cute and funny name, let me know =)
This particular one I made in these two colors to better see how look like this crochet stitch .A combination of those that after you say "ah but not bad!" The special feature of this bag is that so as I thought "ah what a bore having to see the bottom of the bag usually, and if you creassi little one for a mini bag? It be nice?" And so I did. First attempt was a bit 'so in that I have always taken a scrap of cloth and Alcantara type I created the fund, but the hole was too big and too thin a layer of cloth and soft ... so I created a layout background two cloth oval and a card, and I created the holes in order to pass on hook.

Here is my purse, I find it lovely, do not know about you, I worked single crochet in  each of the bottom hole (if you decide to do so) the next lap I always have the low mesh but also of a s.c increases and an increase for the entire round, before starting with crochet point

In the video you'll see how it's done, it's not hard, it's a sequence to follow once you learn the sequence goes like a train, even if they are two different colors ...

The sleeves of bag I realized it in this way but I learned a new way to make them, and maybe in the next video I'll show you.

I finished this bag making a full round of slip stitch by pink colour, I think it's nice effect, you can make it by the same colour or changing stitch

My english is not very good so please forgive my mistakes I hope you'll appreciate my good will =) 
thank you to all and we read us soon 
xxx Betty

P.S. As soon as long video will be on line you'll find here below full video, if you want to see how to make this kind of crochet stitch/ point (how is correct? stitch or point?) anyway click here to see short video