mercoledì 9 novembre 2016

amigurumi, I started to love them

Hi everyone, here we are with a little post to show you what I'm learnig to make, I made some amigurumi but not about anime and manga, I started last year making few bunny, turtles, owls etc, but I love Anime, Manga, cartoon and I found some channel in youtube where I watched a lot of them so in a word "LOVE", I started with these, in my video in Youtube I showed you and in box info I copied all links, anyway I love them and I hope to make my pattern all alone, I started but I think this kind of works need time to understand how to work and create a pattern as well. I show them. Please forgive my mistakes and thank you for reading. Bye

squirtle and Pikachu

squirtle & pikachu



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