lunedì 6 febbraio 2017

stairs bag pattern

Hi everyone English friends, To put subtitles to my video I need time and also to practice my english, because it's a bit "rusty" if I can say like this... So I hope you'll forgive my mistakes.
Today I will write you about a old video in youtube about a bag, a mini bag I called "stairs bag" because if you look right you can see a kind of stairs...

ok let's start here we are with pattern of this bag:

16 chains (15+1 this one is because we need to make a single crochet stitch high) (colour A)

1^ round.
make single crochet one in each ground stitch, when you are at the end of chains 15th chain we increase making 4 s.c in the same stitch, and the same on the other side and close round by a s.c (34 stitch)

2^ round
1 chain and 13 s.c increase 2 s.c, in the same stitch for 4 time, 13 s.c and again 4 time we increase and close by a s.c (now we have 46 stitch)

we can make another round but I made only 2 round so I changed colour...

3^ round
change colour (colour B)
1 chain and a s.c in each one but you must work in back look of the stitch and close round by a s.c

4^ round
Change colour (colour A)
1 chain, 4 s.c working in back loop and now we make a d.c in front loop of the next one but aiming crochet in chain of base of the bag. you skipt the one of round 3 we go in loop of chain of the 2nd round, in video you can see as well. than again 4 s.c and a d.c for all round. ending by a s.c

each time 5 s,c in back loop and a d.c in front loop of 2 round before stitch for all high of the bag, that's it ! To end our bag, I made a round of s.c and a round of d.c. but I made some spaces to add ribbon than, I made 3 dc, 1 chain skip a stitch and again 3 dc and a chain so |||_|||_|||_|||_ like this so than I added ribbon. for sleeves of the bag in video you'll find 2 links about 2 kind of sleeves,

So I hope this post can be helpful for all english friends. 

This is it.
Bye. To soon Betty

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