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basket pattern

Hi everyone, this post born to show write pattern of a basket that I made a tutorial a lot time ago, a Lady asked me to have pattern of it, You know is not easy to add subtitles at videos, even if I want to add them, to make everyone understand what I say =)
Anyway this is basket I mean

 1 round
1^ round
in a magic ring we work 3 chains and 12 d.c (tot 13) close round by ss

2^ round
we makde an increase in each stitch till we have 26 stitch and close by a s.s

3^ round we have an increase and a dc, we have to make 13 increase, till we have 39 stitch but we need 40 stitches so in last stitches we increase twice near till we reach 40 stitches

4^ round 
we make only dc without increases but we have to work in back loop, always close by a s.s

5^ round
1 chain and skip one we go in next one and there we work 6 d.c than skip a ground stitch again and go in next making a s.c and repeat all for 10 time (we get 10 arches)

6^& 7^ round
1 chain and we to work a s.c in each one for all round, for 2 rounds

8^ round
we start to make base to make crocodile stitch: 5 chains and skip 3 stitch and we work a d.c and again a d.c, 2 chains and a d.c 2 chain and again 2 d.c  you should have something like this _ _!_ _ !!_ _ !_ _ !! till the end of round 

9^ round
Now in that 2 d.c we have from round before, we shall work 5 dc making them between 2 dc _ !!_  (sorry but to explain in english is not so easy, in video you can watch better), 5 dc, 2 chains than you turn work and work in other dc other 5 dc and close by a s.c and again till end of round

10^ round 
to make nicest effect work a full round of  crab stitch (I hope is the right way to call this stitch)

Your basket is almost ended, It miss sleeve that I worked creating a 3d romanian point lace cord  (I don't know if it's the right name) 

This is it, I hope this pattern can be useful, forgive my mistakes and I pray you to say me in comment names of these kind of stitches.

This post wants to be a help to my video, So I let you here video of this basket. Bye Betty

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